How to Plan for Your Business Expansion

December 10th 2015 at 1:07pm Published by sharpshooteradmin

There comes a time when your small business will be making stable profits, and you will be looking to expand it forward into the market. The expansion process for every small business owner is one of the most important parts of running their business in the best manner possible. Business owners have growth set as their aim when they start their business. They realize that growth is necessary for meeting the other objectives that they have set for themselves.

So, if you are looking to expand your business geographically, it is necessary that you plan this entire process out. The business expansion process is one that requires a lot of effort and detail from you. You should look to make sure that your expansion process happens as per your demands and that you are able to meet the needs of your business.

By now you might think that your small business has stabilized and nothing can deter you from your path towards the end goal. However, this isn’t the right approach for the situation. You need to realize that while the situation might be in your favor currently, one should also plan the expansion process. We have seen numerous businesses make it out of the tough tides up front, to only see themselves meet an untimely end when they near their ultimate goal and are about to expand.

So, in this article we build upon you the importance of planning for a business expansion, and how you need to go about the entire process.

Plan the Location

When you’re looking to expand, do not just focus on the shifting process, but also consider the importance of location. If you’re a retail store, then make sure that your new location is convenient for your customers to come to.

Most businesses often make the cardinal sin of going for an option that is the cheapest for them currently. You shouldn’t opt for the cheapest option, but should look to make sure that the location is good for you. We recommend that you should have a list of feasible areas or neighborhoods for you to move into and should then go through them to decide which one has the best locations available.


You need to plan the entire growth procedure, so that you get the required dividends from the process. By planning the process we mean that you should know exactly what kind of project plan to follow. You should know the start and end dates for different processes to complete the expansion in a timely manner.


Have a budget ready to compute your costs. Get small business funding from a trusted private funder if you’re facing difficulties meeting the total cost of expansion. It is necessary that you keep your budget into perspective before making any such decisions.