Small Business Funding in Northwest Territories

Small Business In Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories of Canada include the regions of Dehcho, North Slave, Sahtu, South Slave and Inuvik. Their remote landscape encompasses forest, mountains, Arctic tundra and islands in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Dehcho’s Nahanni National Park Reserve centers around the canyons of the South Nahanni River and 90m-high Virginia Falls. The regional capital, Yellowknife, is on the north shore of Great Slave Lake.

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Small Business Funding in the Northwest Territories — Supporting Your Business, and Supporting the Territorial Economy

The Northwest Territories are a sprawling expanse stretching from the Four Corners region on the borders of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, all the way up to Ft. McPherson near the northern corridor of Yukon, and Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean. While not the largest of Canada’s territories (Nunavut is more than double the area of the Northwest Territories), this is still a seriously big place. It is characterized by rolling tundra and sprawling wilderness.

But there is more to life here in the Northwest Territories than just wide open spaces. Like in all of Canada’s territories and provinces, there is a thriving business community here, too. 

This is precisely what we are trying to support here at SharpShooter Funding. We have considerable experience providing businesses with the kinds of funding and funding they need to grow and develop. We are among the leaders in the alternative funding market here in the Northwest Territories. We have helped countless businesses just like yours to gain the capital they need.

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Driving the Future of the Northwest Territories with Small Business

Traditionally, the economy of the Northwest Territories has been based upon its natural resources and agriculture. In fact, these elements of business still play a huge part today. And, it was the territories’ diamond mines that helped to spearhead the recovery of the region after the ravages of COVID-19.

However, economic diversity and innovation have since become the order of the day. And, this is something that has been recognized by the local government. A number of concessions and support channels have been extended to small businesses as the recovery from COVID-19 rolls on. And, there are major incentives in place for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the region.

We also want to do our part to support the development of this region, as well as the small businesses out there in the field. This is why we work to make it easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to find the funding they need.

Making a Big Difference to Small Businesses in the Northwest Territories

There are mainstream funding providers and big banks already out there, so why does the Northwest Territories need an alternative funding provider? There are a number of reasons why small businesses may find mainstream funders and banks unsuitable:

  • Big banks cannot personalize their services, making it difficult for niche businesses to get the funding they need.
  • Big banks will struggle to find the resources needed to treat you as an individual, making it difficult for you to get what you require.
  • If you have bad credit, or if your credit history is insubstantial, you will find it very difficult to achieve funding.
  • Mainstream funders often operate protracted and drawn-out application processes.

This is where SharpShooter Funding provides such an advantage to businesses in the Northwest Territories:

  • We treat you like an individual, assessing your specific needs and then offering funding packages designed to meet them.
  • You will have an array of different options available to you so you can choose the one that’s ideal for you.
  • Over 80% of our applicants are successful, making us the best bet for you when it comes to seeking funding in Canada.
  • Our approval process is swift and streamlined, so you will have your answer within 48 hours and have your funds within two days of approval.
  • We support you each and every step of the way, both during and after the funding process.
  • Our repayment schedules are flexible, helping you to get the most from your funding.

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