SharpShooter Funding has simple and easy terms to understand – No hidden fees. A true partner.

Ashlie S.

Ashlie S.

The people running this program have done an ingenious job with their platform and if the experience-based pricing that they promise with a track record is true then banks will be out of business soon!

Mayola W.

I’m very satisfied with the excellent service, I recommend this to everyone and they have very quick service

Doug F.

I needed some extra capital for a house flip I am doing, SharpShooter Funding got me the funds I needed. The whole process took less than a week.

Clair A.

A little expensive. Not all debit cards accepted for immediate money transfer.

Isidro K.

In minutes my approval was received after sending my application. I was shocked because I have never experienced such fast response. In my disbelief I did not request for the loan at that time but few days later after I received a call from SharpShooter Funding. Business owners can obtain the cash they want in the fastest time.

Lorrine R.

We just needed a small amount to get us through getting paid on a large invoice and filling a purchase order. You think to yourself, ‘Really, can it be that simple, quick and safe?’ It was and it is. We seriously had money in our bank account to use freely within three days. Thank you SharpShooter Funding for the boost!!

Rudolf G.

SharpShooter Funding is a great product for your business. It gives you that peace of mind that cash is available for your business. Easy terms and your line is always available to fund your business.
The application process was quick and the credit line is available in minutes.

Joana H.

This was a simple and quick way to get needed working capital. There were no hassles or long and drawn out processes. Just prove you can re-pay the loan and choose how much money you need.

Holly P.

SharpShooter Funding was amazingly easy to use and we were funded in less than 2 business days. Thank you.

Annalee R.

My experience with SharpShooter Funding has been excellent so far. Their customer service has been prompt and informative. The process is easy to negotiate and understand. I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with everyone at SharpShooter Funding.

Dede I.

I cannot believe how easy it was to obtain a loan from SharpShooter Funding, it took about 5 minuets to apply and approval was done, within an hour we determined how much we would take and the money was transferred to our operating account. Unlike the other loan companies they did exactly what they promised.

Joline G.