Small Business Funding in New Brunswick

Small Business in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of eastern Canada‘s Maritime provinces. It encompasses rivers, pine forest, mountains and the Bay of Fundy, known for extreme tides and whale-watching. The port city of St. John is home to the New Brunswick Museum, with local artwork dating to the 1800s, and the long-standing St. John City Market’s many food stalls. To the southwest is Reversing Falls, where rapids flow backwards at high tide.

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Looking for Small Business Funding in New Brunswick? SharpShooter Is the Right Choice

At SharpShooter Funding, we like to do things a little differently. We know how stressful it can be to run a business, as well as how worrisome the whole process of seeking funding gets at times. We also know how joyous and rewarding it can be when everything is going right. This is why we support small businesses in New Brunswick and offer them funding packages that really meet their needs.

But let’s slow down just a minute. What do we mean by “do things differently“?

As any New Brunswick business owner who has ever looked for funding will know, the funding market can be a little difficult to navigate. This is something that we feel very strongly about, so we make a point to offer…

  • Some of the best approval rates in the market — over 80% of applicants receive approval
  • A quick and efficient approval process designed to make the whole experience more pleasant for businesses
  • Funding options even for those businesses with bad credit, or for those who have been rejected before
  • A personal approach to finance — we work with you to understand what you need and then to make that happen
  • Quick approvals and delivery of funds — in most cases, you will get a decision within two days and have the funds with you within only a few days of your application

New Brunswick needs its businesses, and these businesses need funding. This is where we pledge to support small businesses and to support the province of New Brunswick with our services.

Making a Real Difference Across New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick is one of Canada’s gems, featuring beautiful coastline, vibrant communities, and a multilingual culture that bridges the gap between the country’s Francophonic and Anglophonic regions. It is also one of Canada’s key business hubs, contributing almost $31 billion to the national economy in 2019.

This GDP has gradually been on the rise over the past few decades. Unlike other areas of Canada, New Brunswick was able to weather the financial crisis of 2008 with relative ease, taking a much smaller economic hit than many of its neighboring states and provinces, north and south of the border.

In fact, New Brunswick’s economic relationship with the USA is a crucial one as 87% of the province’s exports end up traveling south into America, either just across the border into Maine or further afield. This long-term reliance on trading partners in the USA led to growth levels slowing a little in the province around 2018. But, since then, things have been looking up.

The economy of New Brunswick is a diverse one, and this is contributing to growth. The biggest contributors to the province’s GDP in recent years has been the real estate market, with public administration and healthcare lying in second and third, respectively. Despite this diversification, more traditional New Brunswick industries — such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting — remain key economic drivers. Despite a changing economic landscape, New Brunswick has remained true to its roots.

As we look towards the future and imagine what this holds in store for New Brunswick businesses, at SharpShooter Funding, we renew our pledge to support businesses across the province as they seek to achieve their short and long-term aims. A fair, transparent, and honest approach to funding is the only way to secure long-term growth for our society. And, SharpShooter Funding is committed to providing this.

You Are Free to Do Whatever You Want with Your New Brunswick Business Funding

One of our tenets is flexibility. We want our customers to enjoy the funding they receive the way they want to enjoy it. While some mainstream funding providers may attach caveats and restrictions to their funding, we do not. In some cases, we may offer specific funding packages designed to tackle specific issues. But, mostly, the spending part is up to you.

To help you get inspired, here are a few of the things you may choose to do with your funding.

  • Expand your New Brunswick business premises.

If your business is growing, then your infrastructure needs to grow along with it. This requires investment, of course, which is where SharpShooter Funding offers an advantage.

  • Onboard and train your teams.

Your personnel are everything to your business. You need the best people on the job, and you need to assist them with the best training and support.

  • Boost your short-term working capital.

Even if you have lots of money tied up in your company, you still need working capital liquidity to keep your business running effectively on a day-to-day level. The right funding package can achieve this.

  • Take advantage of new and exciting opportunities.

Business opportunities can take a number of different forms. Perhaps a supplier is offering a limited-time discount. Or, maybe you have noticed an emerging trend in the market and want to get in on the ground floor. If so, you need to invest — and quickly.

These are just a few examples of how you can get ahead with the right funding.

Apply Now for Small Business Funding in New Brunswick

We’ve already touched upon how easy the process of applying for funding is. But let’s look at that in a bit more detail. How exactly do you go about it?

  • To begin with, analyze your needs. What do you plan to use the funding for, and roughly how much will you need?
  • Next, apply using the form on our website.
  • Await our response, which typically comes within a couple of days.
  • Work with our team members and gain insight into what kind of funding package best suits you.
  • Await your funding, typically within your bank account only a few days after you apply.

And that’s it. Whether you want to apply for one-off funding or you want to enter into a longer-term relationship, it’s up to you. What matters is, when you need funds, you know where to come.

Remember, you can reach out to our team with any questions or queries at any time.