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Bad Credit Business Funding, Providing Your Business with the options you Need

Few things are more frustrating than getting turned down for the finding your business needs. In the best-case scenario, this will lead to a minor setback. In the worst case, it can be catastrophic.

Fortunately, you have options. There are a number of different avenues you can explore if you have had bad credit. One of which is to speak to a team of Canadian business funding specialists like the team here at SharpShooter.

So why are we different? Why can we help you achieve the funding that others can’t?

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Securing Funding in a Different Way: What Sets SharpShooter Apart?

To answer the question of what sets SharpShooter apart from traditional funding providers, you first need to understand how such funding works. Most providers will require down payments, collateral, or proof of solvency provided by a credit report.

Of course, the first two options might not be open to small businesses. And the third will be tricky for any company with bad credit.

SharpShooter recognizes the nuances of Canadian business and so avoids these prohibitive “one size fits all solutions”. Instead, our teams work closely with your business to get to know your needs and your means.

From here, we can use accurate transaction value projections to assess your risk level and develop the right kind of repayment plan.

With a little closer attention and care, we can make sure that businesses just like yours have what they need. In turn, this means that the Canadian economy has what it needs to thrive.

Get in touch with our team to find out more or hit the apply button at the bottom of this page to begin the process.

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Your Options: How You Can Still Secure Funds with Bad Credit

It is important to the team here at SharpShooter that Canadian businesses are able to access options that suit them. This is why we work with you to understand your aims and deliver you the funding options that are most appropriate for achieving those aims.

To support this, we’d also like to help you explore your other options if you do find yourself frustrated by bad credit. Take a look at some of these tips to help you maximize your potential.

SharpShooter Advantage

1. Increasing a cash down payment

If you are looking for funding over a longer period of time, it may be a good idea to offer a cash down payment to convince funding providers of your working capital solvency. The bigger the down payment you can afford, the more likely you are to secure the funding you need.

2. Put assets and collateral up as security

Putting up assets as collateral might seem like a risk, but it can be an effective way to secure the funding you need. Be sure to go through your options carefully before going down this route as you could end up with your property or other high value asset in jeopardy.

3. Find a guarantor

If another organization or individual is willing to act as a guarantor, and sign a document to affirm this, this will make it easier for a funding provider to trust you. It will also provide you with what you need.

4. Reduce the amount you're asking for

As you might expect, reducing the amount of money you are happy to settle for will make it easier to successfully secure funding. Consider if this might be an option for you.

5. Speak to an alternative funding provider

Sometimes the best option is simply to speak to expert funding providers for Canadian businesses. Funding providers like SharpShooter.

Its best to explore all financing options, contact SharpShooter Funding to find out what funding your business qualifies for.

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