Small Business Funding in Alberta

Small Business In Alberta

Alberta is a province in Western Canada. Its landscape encompasses mountains, prairies, desert badlands and vast coniferous forests. It has more than 600 lakes, and rich mineral deposits. In the west, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks have glaciers in the Columbia Icefields. The Waterton Glacier International Peace Park is a biosphere reserve that straddles the southern border with the USA.

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Small Business Funding in Alberta — Working with SharpShooter to Get the Funding Your Business Needs

It wasn’t so long ago that the territory of Alberta was the leader in small businesses in Canada. In 2012, there were around 25 people to every small business, a seriously impressive per capita rate.

In more recent years, increasing numbers of provincial and territorial governments have begun to recognize just how important these small businesses are to local economies and to the broader society. With this renewed focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, other localities across the country have begun to catch up, but Alberta remains a great place to run a business.

Here at SharpShooter, we are thrilled to be able to help Alberta’s business owners to find the funding they need. We have spent many years among the leaders in the small business funding and funding market, both here in Alberta and across Canada, working with our sister company, First Down Funding, south of the border in the US.

Read on to learn more about the alternatives we offer to businesses and to discover exactly how we can make your business goals and objectives become a reality.

Doing Business in Alberta

Alberta’s business landscape has been dominated for centuries by agriculture. Around one-third of Alberta’s total landmass is taken up by this sector, whether growing and cultivating crops or raising livestock. Crops such as sugar beet, potatoes, peas and mustard grow particularly well in Alberta and enjoy a strong export market.

While agriculture may take up most of the room, it is energy and minerals that have packed the biggest financial wallop in the past decades. Most of Canada’s known fossil fuel reserves are located here in Alberta, while the climate and topography make the area great for renewable energy operations also.

Of course, these industries are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to small businesses in Alberta. With a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, a great idea, and the right capital, anything is possible in this territory.

Food manufacturing and chemical and petroleum-based manufacturing are also popular areas for business in Alberta. In more recent years, telecoms, biotech and pharma have all experienced huge surges in the area, as Alberta cements its position as a forward-thinking, twenty-first-century territory.

The coronavirus that ravaged the world did not leave Alberta untouched, unfortunately, and the economy of the region was devastated in the virus’s trail of death and destruction. However, as we turn our attention towards the recovery phase and begin to consider the possibility of a future free from the ravages of COVID-19, it is obvious that small and medium-sized businesses are going to play a huge role.

These smaller-sized businesses make a huge contribution to the local GDP, as well as providing much-needed jobs to the local population following the rise in unemployment as a result of the virus. As this recovery unfolds, the SharpShooter team will be alongside Alberta’s business owners, providing them with the support they need to achieve their own personal goals and also to spearhead the recovery of their own local community.

We will do this by offering alternative financing and funding, as well as providing the kind of provider-business owner relationship that really helps organizations to get the most from the capital they receive. We will become the first and last word in small business funding and funding here in Alberta.

Read on to discover more about how to get involved and make your application, or get in touch with our team if you have any questions that are unanswered.

A Straightforward, Simple Route to Small Business Financing

Life has not always been easy for business owners seeking funding in Alberta. Slow and unresponsive application processes, as well as banks and funders that are more interested in treating business owners as figures on a balance sheet rather than as individuals, act as impediments to the process.

That’s why the team here at SharpShooter Funding pledges to do things differently. We do not believe in putting business owners through that kind of anguish, and so we make our process as easy and as straightforward as possible. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Head over to the digital form here on our website.

The digital age has brought with it a wealth of various conveniences and life hacks. To reflect this, we make applying for small business funding or funding an easy digital-oriented process. Simply find the form on this page and then fill it out and hit Submit.

  • Tell us what you want from your funding.

We will hold a more in-depth consultation further down the line, but before that, we want you to use the form to tell us a little bit about your objectives and goals. This gives us the preliminary facts regarding the best type of funding package to offer you in your circumstances.

  • Await our response.

We don’t believe in keeping you hanging around waiting for our decision. This is why we aim to give you a response within 48 hours of receiving your completed application form. This streamlining is one of the things that makes us so popular with business owners across Alberta.

  • Speak directly to one of our team members.

We want to provide you with the right funding option for your business. This is why we present you with an array of choices, giving you the flexibility of having your own choice but also the support and guidance you need to get the best from our services.

  • Await your small business funding.

Your Alberta business will have the funding in your bank account within only 48 hours of approval. All you need to do is tell our representative which funding product you are interested in (out of the ones you qualify for), and we will get to work on making that happen.

  • Use your funding to make your business goals and objectives a reality.

One of the issues with more mainstream funding channels — such as big banks and other funding providers — is that they may place restrictions on your funding and ringfence it in some way. In most cases, we will not do this. Instead, we leave you free to enjoy your funding in the way you see fit. You are the business owner after all — you are at the helm!

Our application process is as simple as all that. You should be able to start the process, get accepted and get funded, all in a single week.

But what does it really mean when we describe ourselves as an “alternative” funding provider? And why is alternative funding so necessary in Alberta?

Traditional Barriers to Alberta Small Business Funding: Underlining the Need for a Real Alternative

The reason we need the alternative funding movement in Alberta is that there are so many barriers to small businesses looking for the funding that they need. Here are just a few of the things that are stopping businesses from getting funded.

  • Banks and mainstream funders cannot work with non-mainstream businesses: If your business is a niche one, or if you are operating in a sector of innovation and growth, you may find it difficult to achieve the funding your business deserves. This is because many mainstream providers simply will not have the expertise required to work with you in your field.
  • Many mainstream funders will not treat you like an individual: Your business is unique, and so are you. As such, you need a unique approach to business, not an “off the peg” solution. Unfortunately, because of the sheer volume of clients they deal with, many mainstream providers cannot offer this kind of personalized service.
  • Businesses may find that they do not meet the funding criteria: For businesses with a poor credit history or one that is simply not extensive enough to meet the needs of the bank, they may find their applications rejected.
  • The application process is often long and drawn out: This leads to unnecessary headaches for businesses, as well as stresses and anxieties. As you can tell from the SharpShooter service, we do things very differently.

So, these are some of the obstacles that business owners can expect from traditional providers when they go in search of funding for their Alberta small business, but what about the alternative? Let’s take a look at more positive news and examine just how SharpShooter funding makes all the difference.

SharpShooter Funding Is Providing a Real Alternative for Alberta’s Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

If you are an Alberta small business owner and you are looking for a way to acquire the funding or funding you need, SharpShooter Funding can provide the support your business deserves.

  • We don’t leave you hanging around and instead aim to give you all of the answers you need — sooner rather than later. This means you gain flexibility and agility in the market.
  • We approve over 80 percent of our applications, which makes us your best bet for funding in Canada.
  • Even companies that have previously been refused funding — including those with bad credit — can find what they need when they work with us.
  • We treat you like an individual, working closely with you and your organization to discover more about what you need and then providing you with a wealth of options designed to meet those needs

Ready to get started? Simply use this form on our website. Our team is always ready to provide you with the guidance you need, so reach out with any questions.