May 14th 2019 at 5:45pm Published by sharpshooteradmin

Data (facts and statistics collected for analysis) is increasingly important to business growth. In fact, 90 per cent of all data ever collected was generated in the last two years. Connecting and understanding data related to people, platforms, the Internet and supply chains (and most importantly, turning it all into profitable insights) is crucial when achieving competitive advantage. The sheer amount of information and variables to consider can be overwhelming. That’s where nimble, data-focused startups come in. These companies help clients make the right business decisions, share data efficiently and increase effectiveness.

Big Data Analytics has become a key requirement for edging competition, optimizing productivity, driving innovation, customer acquisition and sales. The ever-expanding volume and detail of data captured by enterprises & startups, the rise of social media, Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT) will further fuel the exponential growth in big data analytics for the foreseeable future.

Big Data in Canada, Key points:

  • Canada is well positioned to dominate the world landscape in applying big data and machine learning to its biggest primary industries.
  • Canada has significant advantages: the largest, best-instrumented and most modern primary industries; world-leading subject matter experts; and top university graduates.
  • The historical data collected in Canada’s industries is not suitable for the new big data methods, but the expensive part of the infrastructure is already in place and can be used for the collection of the new type of data that is required — this can be done rapidly and cheaply.
  • Once this data is collected, Canada will have all of the ingredients for a renaissance in its biggest industries and the potential for large exports of the expertise that will be developed; however, if we do not seize the opportunity, Canada risks being left behind.

Here are some of the most important Big Data companies in Canada:

Knoldus Inc.

Knoldus Inc. is a computer software company founded in 2010. Based in Mississauga, Canada, they also have offices in Chicago, Noida, India, and Singapore. They have a team of 130 employees and specialize in enterprise app modernization, AI, and BI and big data consulting and SI. 


Valtech is a development company that specializes in Sitecore and is headquartered London with 36 additional offices across 16 countries. Founded in 1993, they have over 2400 employees that mostly work with mid-market and enterprise businesses. Services include web design and development, software development, social media, digital strategy, and IT consulting. 


Denologix is an information management company based in Toronto, Canada with satellite offices in New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and Seattle. Founded in 2002, Denologix provides mid-market and enterprise businesses with Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, and system integration (SI) consulting services. They have a team of nearly 20 employees. 


Cycloides is a software provider that was founded in 2013. Based in Mississauga, Canada, its team of 98 specializes in custom software development, mobile app development, IT strategy consulting and BI & big data consulting & SI.   

Massive Insights Inc.

Massive Insights, Inc. is an AI development company based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2012, the team of 18 specializes in AI, BI and big data consulting and SI, and cloud consulting and SI. They work with clients in the advertising and marketing, and IT industries.