The 3 Key Benefits of a Merchant Capital Advance

August 19th 2019 at 3:27pm Published by sharpshooteradmin

If you follow the financial news in Canada, then you’ve probably heard the buzz about one of the most exciting funding opportunities available to small businesses: merchant capital advances.

While business funding in Canada has traditionally been dominated by a handful of major players, this is starting to change as small businesses owners grow hungry for funding alternatives that are less restrictive, complicated, and time-consuming. 

Merchant capital advances offer a fantastic alternative to the cumbersome bank funding that many smaller companies struggle to get approved for, in part because it helps small business owners unlock their full potential by securing the necessary funding to expand and grow.

If you are interested in learning more about how merchant capital advances work or want to understand what a merchant capital advance can do for your company, here are the three key advantages that merchant capital advances have over traditional funding options.

1. They’re Fast

When opportunity knocks, you usually have a limited time to answer. You may only have days to contemplate a new business opportunity that could transform your business, and if that business opportunity requires liquid capital that you don’t have, dealing with the long wait times to apply for funding can be extremely frustrating.

One of the reasons why merchant capital advances are becoming a popular alternative for small business funding in Canada is due to the fact that they are both affordable and efficient.

You can apply online any day of the week and have your funding application processed in a timely and forthright way. In some cases, we can even let you know within twenty-four hours whether you have been approved for funding, which ensures that you get the money you need as quickly as possible.

Whether you need an infusion of new capital to pursue a time-limited business opportunity or need some cash to cover unforeseen expenses, the merchant capital advance is one of the easiest ways for Canadian small businesses to cover costs of opportunity or financial shortfalls in a timely and direct manner. 

2. They’re Flexible

Small business owners are right to be skeptical about funding options that might seem a little too streamlined. After all, funding never comes without strings attached.

But with merchant capital advances, you don’t need to worry about rigid deadlines or onerous costs: if you check out the SharpShooter Funding approach to merchant capital advances, you’ll see that flexibility is built into the funding model.

No matter how much capital you apply for, you will have a range of options when it comes to managing the payments. In most cases, a funding package will be paid for instalments over the course of six to twelve months, but it is also possible to apply for extensions or to expand the payment window.

Unlike bank funding, which lock you into an interest rate that can quickly become unmanageable, merchant capital advances provide small businesses with the capital they need to grow and the flexibility they need to handle payments in a way that doesn’t hamper this growth.

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3. They Put Business Owners in the Driver’s Seat

In an interview with deBanked, financial expert David Gens suggested that one of the reasons for the interest in this kind of funding stemmed from the transparency it offers.

When you work with SharpShooter Funding, for example, all of the costs involved in the funding package are clear from the very beginning. If you purchase a tranche of funding, you know from the start what the final price tag on that tranche will be, and you also know what your payment options are.

This doesn’t just guarantee that you know what you’re signing on for; it also puts you in the driver’s seat in terms of handling the payments and using the funding in the most effective way possible.

Because the funding comes as a lump sum payment you can put the capital to work right away, freeing you to start turning the money into growth immediately. And with flexible, client-centred payment plans, you don’t need to worry about returning the money as a lump sum in the future: instead, you can pay in easy instalments that won’t place an undue financial burden on your company (you can click here for more details about how it works).

Every small business owner has different dreams. Some imagine themselves one day overseeing a booming network of franchises or branching out into related industries. Others are content to remain as vibrant local businesses. Still, others are passionate about developing new services and products, or pioneering new kinds of goods.

Whatever your eventual goal is, the fact that you are going to need money to make it a reality is inescapable. Scaling is never easy, and waiting until you have the cash in hand to start a new branch or invest in a much-needed expansion of square footage or staffing isn’t always realistic.

If you want to be able to strike when the iron is hot and capitalize on your success today, a merchant capital advance is one of the most reliable tools for getting the money you need sooner so that you can kick start your next expansion immediately.

And with support from SharpShooter Funding, securing this money has never been easier. Like our business partner Bret “The Hitman” Hart, we fight for the little guy and are tireless in our pursuit of Canadian excellence.

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