SharpShooter Funding: A Different Kind of Funding Partner

September 27th 2019 at 5:42pm Published by sharpshooteradmin

If you have any experience with the world of business financing in Canada, you know that access to funding is one of the biggest problems entrepreneurs and small businesses face.

Large banks are often not willing to provide substantial funding at all, and the options for alternative funding are still pretty slim. Sometimes, it’s so difficult for small players to get hold of capital that they are forced to rely on personal credit cards.

SharpShooter Funding was started in 2015 to provide an alternative to big banks and high-interest funding. At SharpShooter Funding, we provide a wide range of funding options specifically designed to help small businesses, new businesses, and growing businesses meet their financial needs and fund expansion projects.

Whether you are looking for short term funding, long-term funding, or bridge funding, SharpShooter Funding is here to help. Read on to learn more about our story, our philosophy, and how we approach funding for Canadian businesses.

Why SharpShooter Funding?

One of the questions we often get asked at SharpShooter Funding is what the story behind our name is. Why SharpShooter?

As anyone familiar with WWE legend and SharpShooter Funding partner Bret “Hitman” Hart will know, Hart’s legendary finishing move is the Sharpshooter. When SharpShooter Funding founder Paul Pitcher decided to open an alternative funding company to serve Canada’s small business community, he turned to the Canadian he knew best — the Hitman himself.

Together, Pitcher and Hart decided to build a company that could serve a need for fast, flexible funding that was sorely missing from the Canadian market.

Just as Hart had become legendary in the ring for his unabashedly Canadian identity and championing of the little guy, SharpShooter Funding would help scrappy Canadian businesses reach their goals by providing affordable, streamlined funding options.

As Pitcher recently noted in an interview with Brendan Garrett for deBanked, the vision behind SharpShooter Funding was to create an alternative funding company that would enhance the options Canadian companies can choose from when looking for non-bank funding.

Pitcher and Hart, alongside athletes like Jacoby Jones of the Baltimore Ravens and CJ Mosley of the New York Jets, have taken the competitive spirit of professional sports and applied it to the sometimes stuffy world of finance.

Seeing an opportunity to shake things up in the world of Canadian small business funding, SharpShooter Funding launched in 2015 and has since become one of the leading lights of Canada’s growing alternative funding world.  

If you want to read more about how the ethos behind SharpShooter Funding and the services it offers, you can learn more about our philosophy here. We are passionate about providing funding that works the way you need it to, so no matter what industry you are in, we want to work with you to find a package and a payment plan that meets your particular needs.

What Makes SharpShooter Funding Different?

The first thing most people finding out about SharpShooter Funding for the first time ask is what makes SharpShooter different from any other financial institution that offers business funding and funding packages.

This is a fair question, and any small business or entrepreneur who wants to make sure that they are getting a good deal out of their funding agreement should make sure they understand how it works.

All too often, funding debt can become an albatross around the neck of a small business, which is why we offer complete upfront transparency about how our funding works, what it will cost, and how repayment is structured.

Small Canadians businesses who explore the SharpShooter Advantage quickly learn that our approach is different from our competitors in these three distinct ways:

1. SharpShooter Funding is Fast

When you need small business funding, you don’t always have time to wait for a bank to process your documents, set up a meeting, and approve your package. That’s why we offer a streamlined online application funding that can get you funded in a matter of hours.

2. SharpShooter Funding Gives You Options

When it comes to small business funding, one size does not fit all. Your needs are as particular as your business itself, which is why we will work with you to build a package that is responsive to your needs.

Where other alternative funding companies offer depersonalized “off the peg” services, we give you a truly bespoke experience, ensuring that the funding package you get is designed to help your business thrive.

3. SharpShooter Funding is Flexible

At SharpShooter Funding, we understand that things can change quickly in business. That’s why our approach to funding is specifically designed to be as flexible as possible.

Just as we offer hands-on solutions that are tailored to your needs, we also strive to give you the flexibility you need in meeting your payments so that you can focus on the task of building a successful growing business without having to worry about missing out on opportunities. Apply now and find out just how easy and responsive the SharpShooter Funding approach really is!

In the four years that SharpShooter Funding has been active in Canada, we have been proud to help hundreds of ventures working in dozens of sectors of the diverse Canadian economy to get short and long term funding for all their different needs.

From restaurants to dental clinics and auto shops to artisanal bakeries, SharpShooter Funding’s unique blend of personal attention, flexible options, and transparent access to capital have helped countless Canadian companies achieve their funding goals.

If you are a small business owner who wants to take advantage of the exciting opportunities Canada’s dynamic economy affords, then applying for support from SharpShooter Funding is one of the best ways to unlock that capital you need to bring your business to the next level.