Halloween Marketing Tips That Small Businesses can Follow

October 30th 2019 at 12:14pm Published by sharpshooteradmin

Halloween themed graphic

The spookiest time of the year is just around the corner and customers will soon be thronging stores and other outlets looking to buy related items. Halloween is the time of the year that customers around the world look for spooky items to buy. This is the time of the year when the air is rich with scary vibes, and everyone is looking to scare each other away.

If your small business has just started, then now is the time to spice up the operations and increase your offerings. Halloween is here and you can jump in the bandwagon to get the best results. You need to make sure that you capitalize on the opportunity and are able to sell your goods in the manner you want to the customers that you have in mind. If your small business isn’t celebrating this festive occasion, then you could possibly be missing out on a great opportunity here. You would want to connect with your customers in an unprecedented manner, and this is the opportunity you should look to catch on for doing that.

Most small businesses think that their brand cannot match up the giants in their industry when it comes to providing Halloween focused merchandise. This is a flawed perception, as your business can always step up the game to provide all customers with the best services in town. You should look to cater to the customers that you have in mind, so that your customers are left satisfied with the services you provide to them. Do not let the fears that you have within you stop you from what you truly want to achieve. This holiday is the perfect chance to do something out of the ordinary and to be discovered by the swarm of audiences coming out for Halloween.

Here we mention some of the tips you can follow when it comes to catering to your customers in this spooky season:

Hallwoeen-ize your Offerings

This is your time to put all those creative cells inside your brain into work and think of a possible way to see what the best move is for you. Some companies do not really have products or services that can be Halloween-ized in any way, which is why it is hard for them to boost their revenues this holiday season.

But, we believe that even if what you sell or the services you offer aren’t spooky one bit, you can make it work for yourself by adding a bit of the festive spirit to them.

For instance, if you have a restaurant of your own, this is the time to add a new spooky drink to the menu, which can spook customers out. You can also decorate your serving space based on the interests of the customers that are coming to you.

If you sell apparel, you can launch a limited time Halloween sale, with spooky shirts and jackets being sold at discounted rates. This will surely pull customers over and would make you the best go-to options for customers to go to before a costume part of sorts.

Do not waste the opportunity that comes here, as there are plenty of chances for you to ace your routine. You can get small business funding from a private funder if you’re running out of funds here. You need to make sure that the funds are enough to help you with the move.

Host an Online Trick of Treating Promotions

In this online age, businesses manage most of their selling online. They know that most of the customers are present online, which is why they focus on selling online more than anything else. They realize the stakes in the online market and are hell bent on extracting the shares from that market. You can make shopping on your website a really entertaining and rewarding experience for all involved by ensuring that you give them an interactive way of buying with good additions. New York jeweler and designer Kendra Scott believes that you can offer good discounts on your website and can gamify the entire process.

Customers love it when they get discounts through a gamified manner, and the value of the discount even increases, when they have fought out hard for it. For instance, if you offer customers a 20 percent off on purchasing a specific item, they won’t react as eagerly to it as they would if the discount is won by them through hard work and pure efforts. When it comes to Halloween, you can always add a trick or treat discount to your website, where customers get to find pumpkins on your website, which they can click on to unlock discounts. This will not just act as a scavenger hunt, but would also evoke the true spirit of the season in your customers.

Add Seasonal Graphics to Your Online Presence

As a small business you should be looking to build a decent presence online by adding seasonal graphics during Halloween and other seasons. You can spice up your online presence by adding seasonal graphics that include a theme of Halloween. You can change your social media pictures and can also add new graphics to your website as well. Adding new graphics that are Halloween themed would get a good feedback from your customers and would also get you some good reviews.

Your customers would also write some feedback on these pictures, because they would surely love the ideas you bring up and the changes to the interface and the website you have. These changes would resonate well with your customers and would get you the kind of feedback you are looking for.

The Halloween season is a good time to get the most out of customers, and to put your brand in a positive light. You can pull results in your favor by acing these Halloween themed marketing techniques.