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The vision and hard work of generations of trailblazers have led Canada to become an internationally known destination for tech. The Canadian government stands fully behind its researchers and innovators, and today they’re leading the pack. Canada now has ownership of the global AI race and is the first country to have a national AI strategy. With no fewer than 500 global AI firms making their home there, artificial intelligence is only one aspect of Canada’s new tech dominance. 

More than 39,000 IT companies have sprouted up throughout the country to bring in $181 billion annually. The country’s culture and government foster and support the kind of research and collaboration that attract innovators to multiple regions and industries. For all these reasons, top execs are coming to think of Canada as a world leader in all that technology can mean, now and into the future.

Toronto and Waterloo

Part of the third-largest tech cluster in North America, Toronto has an annual gross domestic product of $52 billion, with some 14,000 tech companies and more than 65 incubators. It also has the world’s highest concentration of AI startups, and this “Silicon Valley of the North” has earned a reputation for dynamic local innovators in the emerging areas of digital, nano, and flexible electronics manufacturing.

Montréal and Ottawa

Home to many of Canada’s largest research centers, Montréal has come to be recognized by innovators for its long commitment to tech, business, and AI, demonstrated by the 120,000 IT jobs in the city right now. All the best-known multinational computing and social-networking companies have AI labs here.


Ranked the third greenest city in the world, Vancouver is a cleantech knowledge base, and its natural beauty makes it an ideal location for delegates. Because of the density of clean-economy companies with cross-sectoral expertise in Vancouver—including in transportation, natural-gas engine manufacturing, and hydrogen fuel cell—there are many opportunities for sight tours and knowledge transfers for visiting conference guests.

List of the Top Canada AI Companies

Master of Code Global. AI-Powered Conversational Solutions. RAPID DEPLOYMENT OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.
TheAppLabb. Ideas Made Mobile. 

Brossard App Design. We Combine Innovation and Profitability.

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