Since 2015, SharpShooter Funding has become a true leader within the Canadian Small Business Funding industry.

Unique Business Owners + Creative Funding Approach = SharpShooter Funding

We have developed a “One of a Kind” Canadian Funding Approach here at SharpShooter Funding. You will find, that on each and every one of your deals, we take a custom, special and unique approach to make sure all requests are covered in order to Review, Underwrite, Approve and Fund every deal you have. Funding Season is here to stay, 12 months, every year, only at SharpShooter Funding.

Custom Canadian Approvals = Consistent Commissions

SharpShooter Funding offers strong and solid Canadian commission structures based upon your needs. We offer immediate compensation for all Canadian Funding Partners, so you can get back to work and increase your deal flow. We are here to help you fund as many deals as possible. That is what separates SharpShooter Funding and keeps us ahead of the pack.

365 Days = The SharpShooter Funding Standard

Our Canadian Funding Specialists will help fund your Canadian deals 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. We work to fund nonstop. Your Canadian merchants and files will never have to wait as we are ready to fund. Get your Canadian clients funded today within SharpShooter Funding.

Fast Canadian Funding = Fast Commissions

Typically, new Canadian small business owners, low credit scores and fluctuating sales means long waits from Underwriting, declined files and rare chances of funding for your files. But with SharpShooter Funding, you will receive 24 Hour Approvals for deals we are ready to fund for you. SharpShooter Funding is here for you and more importantly, your Canadian business owners seeking merchant funding.