Professional Business Funding Solutions in Canada

With the SharpShooter Business Funding Program, we provide alternative funding options for small businesses.

We are a funder in Canada who offers simple and flexible process funding that requires no collateral. Our business funding helps small businesses convert future cash flow projects into immediate working capital. With our financing solutions, you can make sure that your dreams are secured, and your business’ ongoing development is supported.

When you apply online at SharpShooter for funding, you can turn your future cash flows into immediate working capital. Our process is simple, fast and straightforward because we want you to get the funding you need when you need it.

While traditional funding don’t adapt to your needs and limit what aspects of your venture you can fund, our funding program will give you room to use your money for any aspect of your small business that may require immediate funds.

Our business funding is a simple solution, with no hidden costs or charges. It is flexible and doesn’t rely on any collateral or other guarantees, making it perfect for growing businesses.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT: Sharpshooter’s Business Funding Solution Program

At SharpShooter we value transparency and honesty, which is why it’s important for us that you are educated on our program and process before you apply online for funding.


Our business funding solution offers capital advances secured against future credit and debit card sales as a flexible and reliable solution for growing businesses. This means a sudden injection of valuable working capital when your business needs it most.

Perhaps your supplier is offering discounted rates on critical materials, or you want to take advantage of limited-edition advertising terms. Whatever aspect of your business you need this capital for, the SharpShooter solution can put the funds in your hands. This gives you the scope needed to make the first move before your competitors do.

Our funding program is the most flexible financial option readily available for small businesses. After business owners get the capital they need, they can use our program to grow and invest in their company’s future.

When you attain funding from us, you can use it as you see fit for your company. We make it easy to apply online for our program so that you don’t need to jump through the same hoops that you would have to when applying for traditional funding.


You have projections and predictions for your business. We work with you to gain insight into your business and research the market to come to a sound agreement on what your business can hope to earn via transactions in the short-term future. Based on this, we provide the funding you need.

With the SharpShooter Business Funding Solution, you’re able to apply online and access much-needed capital during your off-season without feeling the usual squeeze. By turning your future cash flows into cash that you can use right away, our funding program leaves traditional funding in the dust.

If you need funding and business capital, but you are not sure about the terms offered by traditional channels, our business funding solution is perfect. It’s also a great option if you do not have the collateral or other requirements many outlets need.

We understand that growth opportunities can come at inconvenient times, which is why it’s important to us that we can provide funding to help seize timely opportunities. Our flexible repayment terms are built with small business clients in mind so that you don’t experience the stress and pressure that so often follows this kind of funding.

We are here to help you and your Canadian small business. No collateral. No hassle. No fuss. Just the funding your small business needs when you need it.


There are various benefits in choosing SharpShooter for your financing needs:

Flexible: We understand every business has different needs at different times, which is why we offer flexible, customizable options catered to your company’s requirements.

Easy: With us, there’s no need to drop everything and drag your paperwork to a brick and mortar location to apply for funding you may not get. We make it possible to apply online so that you can cut out the middleman. Spend less time applying and more time giving more to your venture.

Fast: If you require immediate funds for your company, you can rest easy knowing that we provide same day approval. Plus, we approve over 75% of the applications we get sent.

Local: At SharpShooter, we are 100% committed to Canadian small businesses. We strive to help local businesses thrive by providing them with the funding they need and deserve.


Our application process is simple; you apply online, get approved, and then get funded! You can apply online to requalify for a soft credit, and then get approval the same day. You can expect your money between 24 hours and 72 hours’ time.

Our repayment terms are very responsive. When sales are lower during slower seasons, your payments are lower; then when sales pick back up, your payments are higher. Repayment is scheduled weekly or daily based on a (very manageable) percentage of weekly or daily sales.

When you get approval for small business funding from SharpShooter, the process is straightforward and convenient for everyone.


Our funding can be used by various business owners in different situations. You will want to apply online to make the most of our business financing solutions if your business:

  • Uses credit or debit transactions
  • Is seasonal and requires extra cash to hire seasonal staff or take advantage of inventory deals
  • Is faced with a short-term crunch but knows that revenue from putting cash into their business can benefit their bottom-line in the long term.

SHARPSHOOTER vs. BIG BANKS: Easier Application, Faster Approval & Fewer Limits

Banks have been the primary outlet for attaining funding for years — and for all those years, small businesses have struggled to secure funding and other types of capital funding. This can be chalked up to the fact that these businesses often lack the history, FICO score and cash flow necessary to get that stamp of approval.

With SharpShooter, small business owners can apply online for financing options. As an online funder, we are faster, more efficient and provide easier approval than traditional institutions.

Getting funding through a bank requires a timely application credit inspection that can take up to a month for approval. Unlike traditional methods, our funding program doesn’t involve a mass amount of paperwork, lengthy approval processes or limitations. Instead, we provide funding, lines of credits and cash advances to business when they need them.

As small business funder, we accept all industries — unlike traditional sources. Instead of focusing on credit score and collateral, we prioritize your overall business health.

You can apply for funding from Sharpshooter without having to ever visit a bank! All you have to do is apply online, wait for the approval and then use your funds for business opportunities as you see fit.

Bad Credit Business Funding: Good Credit VS Bad Credit

On average, a bad credit score is considered anything between 300 and 625. That said, funders and credit reporting agencies all have different ways of defining what is good credit, and what is bad credit. This objectivity can become a major roadblock when you are trying to attain small business funding.

Regardless of how good a business owner’s personal credit may be, they can still have a hard time attaining funding for their venture — which is where we come in.

As an alternative funder, we provide bad credit business funding to those that are in a pinch so that they can get their finances back on track and kickstart their business’ growth.

If your small business is facing bad credit, these are the four ways you can attain small business funding to pick yourself back up:

  1. Accept smaller funding: Big business funding can be incredibly challenging to attain, which is why it’s a good idea to propose smaller business funding instead. Pay off that funding to build the credit needed for that larger funding spend!
  2. Sign a Personal Guarantee: Sometimes business owners have much better credit scores than the company they own. In this case, it may be a good idea to leverage your personal credit for small funding needs.
  3. Pledge a cash down payment: If you have poor credit but steady cash flow, consider paying a down payment in cash to attain your bad credit business funding.
  4. Provide collateral or assets: If you have any future credit or debit card transactions or unpaid invoices, leverage them for short-term funding — even with your bad credit.

WHY CHOOSE SHARPSHOOTER: Experts in Small Business Financing

SharpShooter has been providing small Canadian businesses with smart business financing solutions for over 15 years. Our honestly, transparency and focus on customer satisfaction makes us a funder in Canada that business owners can count on.

We are 100% committed to helping Canadian small businesses succeed by providing them with the funding that they need, at the time they need it. After all, businesses don’t have the leisure of time when they are faced with an expensive emergency or costly (but lucrative) opportunity.

Obtaining financing for your small business doesn’t need to be impossible. Apply online for your business funding with Sharpshooter today and you’ll hear back in no time.

Get Started: Apply Online for Funding

Say goodbye to lengthy application processes and waiting weeks to hear back about your approval. We are committed to providing the funding, flexibility, and attention that your business needs. Make us your source for business financing services.

At SharpShooter we make it easy to attain the funding small businesses need to maintain growth and attain success. All you have to do is fill out our form online, wait for approval, and then get the funds deposited within 24 to 72 hours!