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Every year, SSF hires new grads across the bank in HR, technology, finance, marketing, and more.  

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We are the funder for Canadian entrepreneurs. Our people really like working here. We think you’ll like it too.

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Our values aren’t on loan
They’re how we live and work. They’re who we are.

Success starts with our people

We invest in training because we know your growth will fuel ours.

We fuel Canadian dreams

We make a difference by boosting small businesses–and the economy.

We’re all the CEOs of our jobs

We own our jobs, and we go above and beyond to deliver stellar results.

We communicate

We believe that candor, transparency, and communication are integral to our success.

We embrace friendly competition

We use our achievements to encourage each other to go the extra mile.

We’re humble and hungry

We check our egos at the door and come in ready to sprint each day.

We invest in each other

Helping people is baked into our culture. We’ve aided small business owners in getting millions in funding. We know that with a little investment, people can achieve great things.

Thinking “the same goes for your employees?” Glad we’re on the same page. We don’t pinch pennies when it comes to helping you. We offer top-notch training, equipment, systems, and support.

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We are the funder for Canadian entrepreneurs. See why our employees choose us.

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SSF capitalizes on growth and skills development.

Our Greatest Asset Is Our People

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