Credit Profile Agreement

Credit Profile Agreement

This Credit Profile Agreement was last updated January 22nd, 2023

Credit and Background Check Authorization

You understand and agree that SSF and our agents and assignees are authorized to contact third parties to conduct  background checks and other investigative reports, including but not limited to your business credit card sales data as  described below, and make credit report inquiries (including requesting personal credit bureau reports about you and  any other owner(s) of the business who will be providing a personal guarantee, and business credit bureaus about  your company, in either case, from credit reporting agencies and other sources) or for any other lawful purpose. SSF has such authority for the foregoing in connection with any extension of credit to the company on whose behalf you  are applying, conducting loan file updates, ongoing loan reviews, renewal of financing, or referral of your business to  third party lenders. Upon your written request, we will advise you if we obtained a credit report. You understand and  agree that SSF is making no commitment or guarantee that any product, evaluation, or guidance provided by SSF will  result in an approval of credit from SSF or any SSF Banking Partner.

Credit Card Data Collection

You understand and agree that we and our agents and assignees are authorized to contact third party credit card  processors and networks used by your company to obtain historical and ongoing information/metrics related to:

  1. Your company, including, but not limited to, company name, address, phone number, and industry; and
  • Your company’s credit card sales, including, but not limited to, transaction spend, number of transactions,  and repeat customers.

Such information and metrics will be used by SSF for purposes of providing the SSF Service, including, but are not  limited to, sales agent call routing, underwriting, customer management, and enhancement of SSF’s credit model.