Did their Due Diligence

September 18th 2019 at 3:15pm Published by sharpshooteradmin

I started with Paul Pitcher the 5th of August. I had an “opportunity” to open a new location and needed to both buy the equipment for it and fund operations. Plus, my “existing” locations were running thin on operating capital. SharpShooter Funding’s business model where they actually worked to assess my existing locations deposits allowed them to determine that after about 6 years in business I was indeed a viable loan candidate. My credit cards (at 80% and therefore my personal credit score was just avg, 610-620) did not stop them from loaning me cash as I am sure they saw I never missed a single payment in my 9 year credit history. Bottom line was my business had deposits over the prior three months of 16K+ each month. This allowed them to see my business just needed some cash to expand and thrive, but was worth the loan and another chance for me. I really appreciated their careful consideration. Just funding my original locations would have paid off my card balances and allowed me to pay back SharpShooter Funding’s loan, but the “shot in the arm” of confidence from the SharpShooter Funding team helping me expand the business in addition was really considerate on their part and highly respected on my part. In a world where an BDC loan should have been a “no brainer” to get, or funding from one of “the big 5 banks” should have been offered instantly to someone with my business “track record” SharpShooter Funding’s real-time analysis was STELLAR! Forget why the SBA does not “get it” “model” and CALL or EMAIL SHARPSHOOTER FUNDING IMMEDIATELY! They have TECH BRAINS!!! yeah for that! They’re incredibly civil, frank & friendly.