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At Sharp Shooter Funding, we are focused on ensuring that our customers get the best financial assistance required for managing their finances. We understand that the average customer isn’t well versed with the terms and conditions required for a mortgage service, which is why they have to rely on us for help in this process.

We, at Sharp Shooter Funding, have several years of experience in mortgage services and assist our customers in getting their request approved and also in the superior management of the relevant details.

We at Sharp Shooter Funding have two distinct divisions relevant to our broad provision of mortgage services. We provide distinct and relevant help to customers looking for both commercial and residential mortgage solutions. We have a team of trusted Agents and Brokers that will help with you to get your mortgage rates approved, even when banks turn their eye away from you.

We are Ontario’s leading mortgage provider and have won the trust of customers through our specialized services that are relevant to the field. From assisting you with good credit, past bankruptcy, bad credit, CRA, liens, and foreclosures to making sure all legal terminologies are explained to you, we make sure that you are on top of the mortgage process at all times.

We feel privileged to help you in this entire process and are always ready to sit down and have a conversation with you. Our agent will get in touch with you as soon as you put forward a request, and they will sit down with you to discuss potential options that can be followed in the future.

Why Choose Us?

Before you send us a request for help with your mortgage process, you would want to know just why you should work with us. Ontario is one of the fastest-growing financial provinces in Canada. The province is host to multiple financial institutes, and you can probably get hold of a mortgage agent easily. However, what matters is that you should get the best out of the lot.

Why work with an ordinary mortgage service when you can work with the best in the form of Sharp Shooter Funding. Here we look at some of the reasons why Sharp Shooter Funding is your best bet for making the most out of the opportunities in the market.

Fast Service

Mortgage seekers always come to us first. We value the bond we share with our clients and go above and beyond to give them the kind of service quality that they expect from us.

Most clients come to us after they have had their initial pleas rejected, and want quick processing in the whole procedure. We understand the conundrum they are going through, and realize just how much they can benefit from help on our side.

Additionally, time is just as important as money for clients. While clients would want the mortgage payment approved, they would want this to happen as fast as possible, so they can meet the deadlines for commitments they have made elsewhere. For this to happen, a typical client wants everything to happen fast, which is exactly what we provide them with.

Credit Score Doesn’t Matter

A bad credit score is one of the major aspects troubling our customers. Customers do not realize the importance of their credit score for a long, long time and eventually end up ruing the missed opportunities because they didn’t catch on to them.

A bad credit score is one of the most basic considerations taken into account by a bank when it comes to handing out a mortgage. Your credit score dictates the kind of loans you can get. If you have neglected the importance of maintaining a positive credit score, you will see your options diminishing over time. Banks have realized the mistake of handing out mortgages to people with low credit score, which is why they shy away from such customers in the current era.

If you have a low credit score and have been rejected by a bank you need to come to us. We would understand your troubles and would ensure that we turn that dull ‘no’ into a vibrant ‘YES!’

Simple Application Procedure

We simplify the entire application process for you. We take the hassle out of the application process and make sure that you can benefit from our hassle-free procedures. We not only simplify the application procedure but also ensure that you can get your loan approved within the time you want. Hence, we discover the two most important demons haunting you and keep them at bay.

How We Can Help You

Our mortgage services are all about helping you through the financial process and ensuring that you don’t go through a strict ordeal while applying for a mortgage. Here we go through the specific ways we can help you out:

Self-Employed People

Anyone who has ever been self-employed before would understand just how hard it can be to manage all the responsibilities that come your way. However, regardless of all the complications that are involved over here, not many banks respect self-employed people when it comes to mortgage payments.

All kinds of people that are self-employed or subcontracted find it hard to get a refinance or a mortgage through a bank. Big banks have a built perception that self-employed people cannot pay back the loan that is given to them. However, this perception can easily be challenged through the right application and by following the right procedures. We ensure that all due protocols are followed in your application, so there is nothing present inside of it that can be used against you. Regardless of whether you want a new mortgage or are looking to refinance your old mortgage, we can help you out in this process. We work with multiple lenders that will have no problems in working with you and would help actualize the end dream you have of your own home.

Renewal and Refinance

Mortgage renewal and refinance are important parts of a mortgage process. Once you have a mortgage done, you would want to run repairs and renovations in the home. Most people look for renewal or refinance options for such repairs so that the bank can look after them. However, the lending source often dismisses the application submitted for renewing or refinancing the mortgage you have. We work with lenders that happen to be more flexible and will understand all the possible complications that you can face in this process.

Assistance with Poor Credit

Poor credit is a daunting reality that many people face today. Poor credit is something that concerns a wide variety of people looking for mortgages nowadays. Your payment history can negatively impact your credit, leading to the lack of trust that the bank is showing in you. Many factors such as job loss, medical history, poor credit history and the inability to pay bills on time can impact your credit history.

We understand that customers take their credit very lightly until it is time for them to apply for a loan. It is only when they apply for a finance option that they realize their poor credit history and how it has impacted them over time.

We have worked with clients that have the most damaged of credit histories and have helped them in getting their hands on a feasible mortgage. We understand your credit situation, and try to bypass it for the amazing results you want.


Many people and homeowners happen to have liens against their property, without them even knowing anything about it. The lien against your property could be because you owed a debt to a credit lending agency. If you aren’t taking the desired corrective measures, you will notice that the liens against your property are only deteriorating with time.

While previously liens would happen for debt over $15,000 which was mostly owed to credit card banks, these liens can now happen for debt as low as $2,000. The market has changed and your house could be taken over by a debt agency until you return the amount that you owe. Numerous complications can arise if you have a lien against your property, which is why we assist you in the process and help make sure that you’re safeguarded from a lien on your property.

At Sharp Shooter Funding, the only mission we follow is to keep the interests of our customers in mind while servicing them. We realize that our customers face a lot during their daily lives, which is why we go above and beyond to help them with the mortgage process.

Debt Consolidation by Sharp Shooter Funding

As part of our mortgage services, we also provide customers with debt consolidation services. The debt consolidation services we provide are meant to help customers out with obtaining new debts for paying multiple existing debts.

Debt consolidation does not only reduce the costs associated with debt but can also help improve your credit score. Once you owe less money to other people, you will see a significant increase in your credit score.

When you don’t follow the repayment plan for your debt, your debt will be handed over to a collection agency. The collection agency will follow a stringent schedule to make sure that they keep a check on your debt and repayment schedule. Dealing with collection agencies can be a bit of a hassle, as you have to put up with the constant harassment on call. The debt collectors from such agencies do not consider your situation and are hell-bent on getting the principal amount back with interest.

At Sharp Shooter Funding, we help you prioritize your debt payment methods so that you don’t face such a hassle ever again. We want you to have a clear credit score, which is void of all issues in debt.

In today’s economy, you have to be extremely careful with the debt that you acquire. Credit card interest rates can shoot up to 30 percent and car loan interests only happen to grow with time. Additionally, you would also know how a lien on your home can prove to be extremely costly in the long run. All of these responsibilities need to be owned by you so that you enter the world of debt repayment in a better manner.

By helping you consolidate the amount that you currently owe to lenders, we initiate a low-interest loan payment that can save you money and also ensures that you are on the safe side of debt collectors. Dealing with debt collectors can be mean business, and we don’t want anyone to go through it.

Second Mortgage Assistance

A second mortgage, which is also known as refinancing or renewal, is meant to help you out with multiple costs that you are expected to incur towards improving your home. The home that you have mortgaged through a bank would require home improvements and renovations. To perform these renovations and improvements, you would want the bank to give you access to a second mortgage or refinancing option. The second mortgage option is plausible because of how you can use it without affecting your ability to pay back interest and principal on the previous mortgage. By adding this current mortgage to the first one, you get a solution that you can easily follow to move towards more financial independence.

Second mortgages or renewal options can also be used for meeting unexpected emergencies, covering payments that you owe for billing purposes, and consolidating the debt you currently owe. While the process for getting your first mortgage approved is troublesome, we believe that the process for getting your second mortgage approved is a lot easier and more manageable.

When you’re applying for a second mortgage, the lending authority recognizes that you are just going to be using the equity from this mortgage for adding quality into your home. At First Down Funding, we don’t just provide you the best second mortgage, but we also make sure that you benefit from the good rates that we have on offer.

You might have multiple questions concerning mortgages in your mind right now. Here we look to answer these questions for you in the best manner possible:

Q. How Does a Second Mortgage Work?

The second mortgage is similar to the first mortgage in ways more than one. The procedure and the plan followed for a second mortgage are quite similar to the first mortgage; the only difference is seen in the order of the mortgage that follows a numerical order. The loan for this mortgage is paid every month, according to a pre-defined and set term decided by the owner. The loan you get for the second mortgage is secured against your home with an interest rate that is slightly higher than the rate for your first mortgage.

Q. How Does a Home Equity Loan Work?

A home equity loan follows the simple concept of collateral in a financial loan. A home equity loan is handled by taking a small amount of secured funs as a principle amount, by setting your home as collateral. The collateral safeguards the interests of the lending agency and gives them some hope to regain their loaned amount if you go bankrupt in the nearby future and are unable to make the payment.

You get a fixed amount or a portion for funds, which you can use according to the need you have. Rather than the interest being applied to the entirety of the funds you have, you will only have to pay back a specific amount to the bank. For instance, you have a line of credit of $20,000 granted to you, but you take only $5,000 out of these funds. You will be required to pay monthly interest installments on this $5,000 only. The charges are similar to a credit card, with the only difference being the lower interest rate.

Q. How Can I Apply for a Second Mortgage?

Sharp Shooter Funding can facilitate the entire application process for you. We know that you want to close the transaction as soon as possible and don’t have much time on your hands, which is why we speed up the process and try to finish it as soon as it is possible for us. The application process can be handled with some relevant information from your side, which we will treat with the due importance required. Our agents will guide you about the method to apply, which can simply be followed without an issue.

Step-by-Step Guide to Refinancing a Mortgage in Canada

Regardless of how you manage your mortgage payment, there will come a time when you will look around for options to refinance the mortgage on your property. This time can come at any time, based on what plans you have for your future, among other options.

The Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) recognizes refinancing of mortgages as a valid and doable financial/legal act. The refinancing option is viable for homeowners when they are looking for means to pay back the loan on their previous mortgage, by securing another loan. This allows all homeowners to pay back their loans in fixed installments that are easy to follow up. The new loan that you borrow for consolidating the previous mortgage has a fixed repayment period and interest rate. The original mortgage and the refinancing mortgage aren’t necessarily required to have the same interest rates and other details.

Refinancing options for your mortgage or second mortgage are necessary because of how they allow borrowers the ability to benefit from a loan that amounts to over 80 percent of the value for their home. Refinanced mortgages are a good way to cut off the higher interest rates on your previous lending and get better rates in the market. Considering that the interest rates are better and more manageable, lenders just want to get their hands on these.

Certain advantages come with refinancing your home. We believe that these are all valid reasons that you can follow for the best results. However, to enjoy the benefits of refinancing your mortgage in Canada, you will have to take several steps in the right direction. We mention these steps to help you in the loan approval process and to make it more manageable for you.

Step 1: Decide Whether You Need to Apply for a Loan

Before you go about refinancing your mortgage, you need to seriously reconsider whether you are serious about the commitment. Getting your mortgage refinanced is a long-term commitment that comes with its details and specifics. Knowing the responsibilities that are required of you, you need to first determine whether there is a good enough reason for you to proceed with applying for the loan.

If you are going through any of the following instances or examples, then your application for the loan can be considered valid:

  • You are planning to renovate the area around your house and want it to look better. The renovation process should be ideal, without any loopholes present whatsoever.
  • You are thinking of buying a new property from the amount you get for the loan.
  • You think you have another commitment coming your way. The education fund for your child requires immediate investment.
  • You want to enter a new business venture, but lack the resources and the capital required for making that business venture happen.
  • You notice that interest rates have significantly fallen, and you have a good opportunity to refinance your loan and lower your borrowing costs.

You need to be extremely serious with yourself while determining whether you are incurring a good debt or a bad one. To understand the repercussions, you need to weigh both sides of the coin evenly, and not get blown away with the arguments present for just one side. Borrowing shouldn’t be considered a temporary solution for escaping imminent financial troubles, but it should only be undertaken when you are sure that you require another option.

The refinancing process can also act as a significant opportunity for improving your credit history and the financial situation of your organization. The main purpose of the refinancing option should be to improve your financial position in the long run.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Decision

Entering an agreement for refinancing your mortgage is only suitable for you under certain circumstances. This kind of agreement is not deemed perfect for you in all kinds of situations, which is why you should preferably be aware of the kind of situation you encounter, before heading for a refinancing option. It is also ideal to step out of the world of make-believe and do the research required before you proceed with the agreement. You should preferably get some research done on the current value of the property you are living, and the market rates for your region.

Do not proceed with the refinancing process, until or unless you have all of these facets covered. Once you feel that the present situation is ideal for financing and the market will remain stable in the foreseeable future, you should proceed with the loan amount.

You might face difficulty assessing all of these factors yourself, which is why the best recommendation for you is to get in touch with a loan professional. The professional would study the situation around you and would let you know what exactly is required of you in the long run.

Step 3: Determine Whether You Can Afford the Monthly Payments

When you look to refinance your mortgage option, you will have to depend on the value or equity of your home. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada deals with such computations and has a clear cut value for the term of home equity. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada describes home equity as the prevalent difference between the present mortgage balance you have for your house and the current appraised value for your property. This formula ensures that you will see an increase in your home equity as you continue the payments for your mortgage. You will also see a rise in your home equity even if you see a rise in the value of your home.

We understand that this can be a bit too complex to understand for most, which is why we try to explain this through the use of an example. Suppose that you have a house that has an appraised value of $275,000. This appraised value is recent and gives a true indication of how much your house is currently valued at. Knowing the appraised value of your home, we can compute the value of home equity by inputting the value of the remaining amount required from you by the bank. Continuing the example above, if you have a remaining balance of $150,000 in the mortgage account, then the home equity for your home will currently be marked at $125,000. This home equity can go up in the following scenarios;

  • The home equity can go up if you pay your monthly share towards the mortgage payment. The payment helps bring down the balance and eventually sending up the home equity of your house.
  • Additionally, this home equity can also go up, if the value of your home appraises in the open market. The appraising value will open new avenues for investment, leading to a lot of possible options.

Refinancing options are meant for lowering your borrowing cost and boosting growth in your business.

Before you apply for this option, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much should I borrow from the lending agency right now?
  • How much can I possibly afford to borrow as of now? The borrowed amount should be as per the payment schedule you follow and your capacity to return the sum.
  • Is the money urgently required through loan? Or do I have other alternatives?
  • How much can I technically spare for all monthly repayments that will soon follow
  • Can I possibly pay the loan back, even if the rates increase down the line?

If you answer these questions with the stability and truth that is required from you, then you have a good chance of getting a loan for yourself.

Step 4: Know Your Credit Score

Your credit ratings can make or break the loan application that you submit for mortgage refinancing. Lenders aren’t ready to hand over their money to you unless they are sure that you can be trusted with the money. They want to be sure that you are good with handling debt money and will pay back the amount religiously.

Individuals with a poor credit score will have trouble identifying the path they should follow for achieving the success they want. Banks are particular about the credit score and will turn away individuals that happen to be in prior debt, have a low credit score or have a shaky job.

Other private lenders, on the contrary, tend to be soft on self-employed individuals and those without a steady income.

You ought to know your credit score before you apply for mortgage refinancing. We at Sharp Shooter Funding work with individuals having all kinds of credit scores. We understand how discriminatory banks can get with handling such clients, which is why we observe extra care and precaution.

Step 5: Look Around for Mortgage Refinancing Options

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada believes that lenders who offer mortgage refinancing options should provide borrowers with a list of options.

If you’ve done the math to compute your credit score and have ticked all the previous steps, you can get to select your mortgage refinancing option based on the criteria that have been set by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

  • A second mortgage: The first option you will be offered is that of a second mortgage. The second mortgage, as discussed above, is a second option that you can secure through your home equity. You can pay the original mortgage through this one and can pay the payments regularly. However, there is no room for default in the payments you make. You shouldn’t default on your payments as that may lead to your home being sold off for covering the debt on both your loans.
  • A Home Equity Line of Credit: A home equity line of credit operates pretty much like the typical line of credit we know can be secured through the property. You have an established line of credit or limit that you should adhere to. Once you pay the amount back in full, you should use the line of credit again. The interest that is charged would be done on the amount you have taken out for yourself rather than on your credit limit.

Different lenders also tend to have different terms and rates for the mortgage refinance they provide. You should make sure that you take your time while understanding all of these finances so that no errors are made in your part while making your choice.

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgage: Fixed-rate mortgages work with a fixed rate for the entire lifetime of the bond. These mortgages can be beneficial if the interest rates are expected to rise because your mortgage will charge interest at the initial rate. However, this can lead to higher costs if the rates fall.
  • Variable Rate Mortgage: Variable rate mortgages follow a setup, where their rates for the mortgage vary based on the rates within the market. The rates will update themselves based on how the market is performing. This can prove beneficial if the rates are falling, but costly if the rates increase.
  • Hybrid and Combined Mortgages: This type happens to be a mix of both rates. The rates are adjusted based on mutual understanding.

You will have to talk these methods out with the lender beforehand so that you know which method would be best suited for you.

Step 6: Calculate the Total Cost

Once you’re done with the above, you should calculate the total costs that it will take you to refinance the mortgage for your property. There are other expenses involved as well, and you have to factor in for them.

The other expenses include:

  • Home appraisal costs
  • Title search fees
  • Title insurance fees
  • Legal costs

These are all additional costs that come with the refinancing project, which most customers fail to account for.

Step 7: Submit Your Application

Once you have done all of the above, you can finally move on to submit the final loan application to us. We at Sharp Shooter Funding will study your final application and will make sure that you are given the assistance you need for the mortgage refinancing project. We will guide you in giving the list of documents needed for the project and will make sure that your application is approved.

Saving You from Foreclosure

For those who aren’t yet aware of it, a foreclosure is the rather strict action taken by an authority if you fail to make the mortgage payments in time. The Foreclosure process involves the ownership of your property being taken away from you because you have failed to make the payments in time.

Our role at Sharp Shooter Funding is to safeguard your interests at all times. We understand that the dealings between you and your lender are confidential, and we offer a solution that will surely help you out.

Having sufficient experience in this industry, we know just how to halt the foreclosure process so that you can retain the ownership of your home for the time to come. We have direct access to multiple legal firms and can help assist you through the Foreclosure process. We understand that the process will only be successful if you give us the chance of assisting you. At Sharp Shooter Funding, we have worked with numerous clients to make sure that they are given the help they need to remain within their homes.

Get Foreclosure Assistance

Are you in arrears with your current lender? Is your current lender forcing you towards eviction? All of this can happen to a lot of people in today’s economic setup. No one is safe from eviction and foreclosure, which is why the best way forward is to make sure that your family, is saved and that you are taking the right measures.

With foreclosures we have noticed that the earlier you reach out for help, the better will be your chances of survival. If you delay the process of looking for help, you can’t initiate the foreclosure process in the manner you want. A foreclosure cannot just lead to eviction but can also leave an everlasting stain on your credit.

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