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About SharpShooter Funding

Located Downtown Toronto, Ontario Canada, SharpShooter Funding specializes in providing Canadian small business owners with effective and efficient Small Business Funding solutions. SharpShooter specializes in Canadian alternative business funding solutions for SME’s in all Provinces and Postal Codes throughout The Great White North. As a Canadian Small Business Funder, we have a vast & wide selection of Small Business Funding services that are designed to help with all of your business’ needs in an immediate fashion. Our continuous growth throughout Canada, allows us to give detailed attention to each merchant’s specific needs and offer creative Funding options. SharpShooter Funding provides Canadian Small Business Funding, as well as the guidance you need to keep your Canadian business thriving. Learn why you should apply today for our Small Business Funding solutions throughout Canada.

Why SharpShooter Funding?

We help and support Canadian Small Business Owners throughout all Provinces & Postal Codes, get the funding they need in a fast, efficient, transparent and more importantly simplistic funding approach.

canadian business funding

Your custom Canadian Small Business Funding approval is based on your business cash flow and we anticipate the ebb and flow of a 12-month business cycle, as well as the seasonality based in your Province.

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the great white north

SharpShooter Funding® is going on 8 years of market experience and funding services serving all Canadian Cities, Provinces and Postal Codes. Locally trusted on in Toronto, and nationally innovative on all Canadian Small Business Funding verticals.

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Canadian Small Business Funding is typically available to your business within 72 hours of your funding offer provided by SharpShooter Funding®.

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what can fast, affordable and transparent canadian business funding do for your business today?

Why SharpShooter: Alternative Canadian Business Funding You Can Trust in Canada

SharpShooter has been providing funding solutions to small Canadian businesses since 2015. We understand that smaller businesses don’t always have the time to jump through the hoops involved in attaining business funding with a bank, so as an alternative Canadian Business Funder, we make applying for funding solutions easy and stress-free.

We offer in-depth consultation and advice to small and medium-sized Canadian businesses and connect them with the right funding package they need to achieve success and growth.

Whether you are looking for business financing solutions, start-up funding, or small business funding, we can help you. All you have to do is apply online!

We provide business financing solutions that you can count on:

Faster, Simpler Approvals in Canada

Canadian small business owners don’t want to be waiting around to receive the funding they need. In fact, our nation’s economy relies on the swift and effective delivery of funds.

We work to support this with fast decisions and prompt approval rates. Instead of filling out mass amount of paperwork, when you choose Sharpshooter, you just apply online and leave the rest to us.

We Work with You:

Too many Canadian Funding providers offer only “off the peg” services, designed to provide impersonal, general funding packages. Not us.

We work with you as a partner, not simply as a customer. As an alternative Small Business Funder, we work directly with you to personalize business financing solutions that will ensure that you get the capital solution you need when you need it. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you grow and expand to ensure that you are fully supported every step of the way.

Get Funded Without Delay:

Our simple process with no submission or upfront fees makes prequalifying for our Canadian Small Business Funding extremely quick and easy when you apply online. Get your funds within 48-72 hours of your funding offer provided by SharpShooter Funding.

Get the Options You Need in Canada

Whether you are looking for startup funding or small business funding, we can help you. Speak to our team and get put in touch with the right business financing solutions for you. Even if you have been turned down elsewhere, you might find our small business funding to be exactly what you need.

Big Bank Financing SharpShooter Credit Cards Government
Funding $100,000+ $1,000 - $300,000 Credit Based Credit Dependent
Process Long Application Credit Inspection Business Plan Industry Specific Prequalify Online Soft Credit Pulls Same Day Approval All Industries Accepted Prequalify Online Hard Pulls 3 - 10 Days Approval Long Application Credit Inspection Business Plan Needed Industry Specific
Approval 20 - 30 Days+ Same Day 5 - 21 Business Days 30 - 90 Days+
Funding Time 30 - 60 Days+ 36 - 48 Hours TBD / TBA 60 - 90 Days+
Approval Criteria Credit Score & Collateral Overall Business Health Credit Score Credit Score & Collateral

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Small Business Funding options— just use the button below to apply online! Our application process takes less than two minutes, and then the rest is up to us.

long term canadian funding approvals

12 months

5.49% - 18.29%

24 months

7.99% - 20.79%

36 months

8.99% - 21.79%

48 months

9.79% - 22.79%

60 months

10.49% - 18.29%

canadian business funding up to $250,000 / 5-year

SharpShooter Funding is pleased to offer long term small business funding, among other small business financing solutions:

  • Funding Approvals up to $250,000
  • 5-year fully amortized Canadian funds help you manage your business cash flow

see what our happy clients say in Canada

Professional and GREAT process! ...

Professional and GREAT process! Our experience with Paul and his team at SharpShooter Funding has been beyond than excellent! Information, process timelines and resolution – 5 stars!


ECB Cleaning & Supplies

Easy, fast and stress-free funding...

Easy, fast and stress-free funding. As a small business in the early stages of growing it was hard to get banks to say yes. When we contacted SharpShooter funding, we were contacted to get the ball rolling right away. We were funded super-fast and have never had any issues after. Funding was even completed on a Saturday afternoon. Thank you! 10/10 recommend!

Ford Innovations

I have never dealt with such honest...

I have never dealt with such honest, professional company! I have never dealt with such honest, professional company! Paul is the very best out there and let me tell you I have dealt with a lot. I will never reach out to another company. Paul I thank you so very much for all you have done and continue to do. Do not hesitate to call them do it you will not be disappointed.


CJM Distributors

All we needed was funding and SharpS...

All we needed was funding and SharpShooter Funding came through in the clutch! My wife and I have three companies. And we are always looking for new funding options to grow and to get new contracts. I heard about Sharpshooter early one morning driving to a job site on Sirius XM radio. I decided to apply online and they got in touch with me within minutes. Impressive! Long story short, sharpshooter funding explained the entire process and approved my business for funding that same day. Sharpshooter Funding approved us for more than we needed, but the best part is that the funding was completed in less than 3 days. We appreciate what Sharpshooter does throughout the small business community and look forward to growing more with their funding services.

Victor & Sandi

Carpets on Navan

A great team in your corner We neede...

A great team in your corner We needed to complete a large commercial project that went over budget and reached out to Paul and the team at SharpShooter. The process was painless and we had access to the funds we needed within a few days. Not only that, the unique options allow for us to have access to money if needed in the future with little to effort. The team is doing a great job at making it clear they’re there for you while also delivering an awesome business model themselves.

Jess T

J.T. Holdings Ltd.

Fast and Efficient as promised...

Fast and Efficient as promised $29,000 funds in 2 days! Thank you sharpshooter funding Our construction company is kinda new, we have only been up and running for about 2.5 years. My bank, declined me. The local credit union, same thing, declined us and they took 31 days to tell us! I found Sharpshooter funding and applied online. They were upfront, transparent and honest the entire process. We were approved for $29,000 and the funds were completed and hit our bank account in less than 2 days. Thank you Paul Pitcher & Sharpshooter Funding. We will tell all of our sub contractors about your business funding services.

Gene & Nadine

Decorate Too Construction