Small Business Funding in Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

Eyebrow is a village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The community originated at the location that is now the abandoned village of Eskbank several kilometers south. Eyebrow is located at the intersection of Highway 367 and Highway 42.

Eyebrow has three welcoming churches within the community, providing the opportunity to worship with friends and neighbors.

The village also features an open-air skating rink, a curling venue, a quiet campground with picnic facilities, and a seniors Center that hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

The village of Eyebrow affords a lifestyle that embodies the best qualities of country living. The pace is relaxed, yet the community exudes a focused work ethic. The call of the meadowlark is anticipated in spring, children’s laughter can be heard emanating from the schoolyard, and the periodic whistle of a train sounds as it passes by. Neighbors chat as they manicure their yards. A community where everybody knows your name, Eyebrow Sask. is the perfect little home on the prairies.

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