Small Business Funding in Radville, Saskatchewan

Radville, Saskatchewan. A picturesque town where the whistles of trains and the line ups of grain trucks at the elevators are a thing of the past, and yet the community is steeped in heritage and culture at every turn. Radville is a thriving community of just under 900 people located along the Long Creek in the scenic Missouri Coteau region of Southeast Saskatchewan. Quiet, well-treed streets characterize this quaint Saskatchewan town; a tribute to the “Proud Prairie People” who built it.

adville, like most Saskatchewan towns, began when the railroad came through in 1910, becoming officially incorporated as a town in 1911. Radville is named, in part, for Conrad Paquin, whose undeveloped farm the town is built on. Its name was created using the last letters of Mr. Paquin’s first name and the French derivative of ‘ville’ to denote the settlement. Radville grew quickly as it became a major rail transportation hub and began to serve the homesteaders of the R.M. of Laurier #38.

Visitors to Radville always remark on the beauty of the town’s tree-lines streets. In fact, driving into the town through the rugged Missouri Coteau from the west or south or from the north through the flat “burnout”, Radville’s verdant townscape emerges like an oasis. This is the legacy of Jerry Bertrand, a teenager who organized a tree-planting project during the depressed and dirty years of the 1930’s. Tragically killed in World War II, Bertrand lives on through a park dedicated to his memory. Radville contains four parks altogether, plenty of green space for outdoor recreation. Radville’s community lives up to its motto “Proud Prairie People”, and this pride of place is evident everywhere one looks in this beautiful town. Radville is an oasis on the prairie.

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