Small Business Funding in Keg River, Alberta

The Hamlet of Keg River is located on the original site of the Slavey and Cree Indians summer village. In 1896 the Hudson Bay Company arrived in the area as the fur trade industry was beginning to grow. Over the years more stores were built and in 1931 Keg River had their own doctor.

Keg River is a farming community. The elevator that stood for many years has been torn down where Alberta Resources Railway hauled the grain grown in the area. It was situated where the railway crossed the Keg River Post Road. A Forest Ranger Station is located nearby with its own grass airstrip. There are a few Bison Ranchers in the area as well. Encana Oil and Gas have plants set up at the Keg Post/ Keg River area and Paddle Prairie area. The area is still popular for fishing, hunting and camping.

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