Small Business Funding in Spuzzum, British Columbia

Spuzzum is an unincorporated settlement in British Columbia, Canada. Because it is on the Trans-Canada Highway, approximately 50 kilometres north of the community of Hope, it is often referred to as being "beyond Hope".

Sources say that the name is a First Nation's word meaning "little flat", and that Spuzzum was the boundary between the Sto:lo and the Nlaka'pamux peoples.

The town is often referred to in humorous contexts due to its small size. Until it burned down at the end of the last century, Spuzzum boasted a single gas station and general store, which served as the hamlet's most diverting roadside landmark. As if to sum up its comic status in local cultural life, both sides of a one-time sign on the Trans-Canada Highway read "You are now leaving Spuzzum"

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