Small Business Funding in Niagara Falls, Ontario

After years of watching other Ontario regions surrounding the mighty Toronto economic engine grow fat while it sometimes bordered on emaciated, Niagara’s economy now shows signs of bulking up with its own muscle.

What’s being called research that’s drilled down deeper than anything before in Niagara shows this region isn’t just playing catchup with the rest of Ontario: on some key economic fronts, it’s actually racing ahead of the pack.

Tourists visiting Niagara pumped $2.4 billion into the local economy,

Niagara’s tourism sector is largely dominated by small businesses with fewer than 20 employees. Of the businesses with employees in 2018, 67.8% had few than 20 staff, 28.8% had between 20 and 99 employees and 3.4% of businesses had more than 100 employees.

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