Small Business Funding in Perth, Ontario

Perth was named for a town and river in Scotland and became a frontier home for Scottish and Irish settlers who journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean more than 200 years ago.

The Perth settlement, in Lanark County, began in 1815: in that year the "Perth Military Settlement" began. By 1816 Perth was an established military settlement because of the war of 1812. Many of the first settlers were from France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Scotland or Ireland who were offered land in return for their military service. The military regime lasted until 1824, when settlers were granted municipal rights of self-government.

In 1893, a 22,000 pound cheese (the Mammoth Cheese) was produced in Perth to be exhibited at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition to promote Canadian cheese around the world. A monument resides at the Tay Basin in the heart of town.

Today, the heritage downtown of Perth consists of boutiques, restaurants, specialty and antique shops which operate out of historical 100-200 year old stone buildings in town.

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